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Crater Lake - Day 1

It is about 440 miles from Mountain View to Crater Lake, which we decided to split into two days. Having left on Friday evening, we spent the night at the end of the Central Valley in Redding, about half way to our destination, and saved the interesting part of the drive for Saturday.

We hit the road late the next morning and did not get very far - I saw a sign for Shasta Dam, and figured it could be interesting. And interesting it was, including a free tour provided by the Department of Interior that operates the dam. It is the second largest dam in the USA, more than 600 ft tall, creating the largest man-made lake in California. The tour includes an elevator ride 428 ft down deep into the dam, a walk down 300 feet long straight tunnel, at the end of which everyone has fun with clapping or stomping echos, and a peek inside the powerhouse with more than 600MW of installed capacity.

Mt. Shasta, a 14,000+ ft glaciated volcano, dominates the views on a drive north from Redding. After leaving Shasta behind, we continued into southern Oregon, through Klamath Falls and finally reached Mazama campground in Crater Lake national park. We secured one of the last empty spots and decided to take a quick look at the lake. The weather made a turn for the worse. The caldera rim was in and out of the clouds with the wind blowing hard. I enjoyed the elements and the views while the rest of our family watched mostly from the car as we circled the lake.


photo photo photo photo photo photo
Shasta Dam Radka and Matthew inside the dam Tunnel Fun with echos Motion blur Philip and Matthew
photo photo photo photo photo photo
Jump Powerhouse Generators Spillway Spillway Crane
photo photo photo photo photo photo
Cables Another look at the spillway Shell and west slopes of Mt Shasta Mt Shasta in the rear-view mirror Trucks on Hwy 97 Crater Lake in BW
photo photo photo
Wizard Island Lovely weather Traffic piercing the clouds

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