My glorious film days (2001-2004)

There is no reason why these photos should be relegated to a second page, but the passage of time and clutter of the main index has made me reorganize things a bit. While I have put these photos scanned from film together, like the digital photos from years later, they are only a small subset of my archive and I hope to get to digitizing some of the rest one day....

Alaska (Summer 2001) Colorado (Fall 2001) Chilean Patagonia (Winter 2001/02)
Colorado (2002) Wyoming (Summer 2002) Cechy (Czech Republic) (Summer 2002)
New Mexico (Winter 2003) Utah (Spring 2002) Arizona and Utah (Spring 2003)
Washington, DC (Spring 2003) Colorado (2003) South Dakota and Wyoming (2001)
Around Las Vegas (Spring 2001) Colorado (2001) Minnesota
California (2004)

Last updated: May 15, 2016
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