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Torres del Paine - GPS coordinates

The coordinates cover what is known in many guides as the "W" trek, plus a few more points along the trail to Administration and notable places near Lago Pehoe. You can download all the waypoints in the Garmin PCX format. The table below describes the location of each waypoint. The waypoints marked with (*) are unspecified locations within a place, and the waypoint without descriptions are more or less important points along trails. The elevation is in meters, and the latitude, longitude pairs are in a "hddd.dddddddd" (decimal division, no minutes or seconds) format using the WGS84 datum. I have taken great care to make the coordinates accurate by always acquiring a good lock on the satellites. If you find any of the waypoints grossly inaccurate, please let me know. And let me know if you have had success using them too.

ID      Description                            Latitude    Longitude   Elevation
Tp1-0   Hosteria Las Torres                    S50.9738899 W72.8782151  00138
Tp1-1                                          S50.9701788 W72.8955882  00303
Tp1-2   Valle Ascensio (*)                     S50.9658661 W72.8997995  00449
Tp1-3                                          S50.9508259 W72.9243091  00493
Tpc1    Campamento Torres                      S50.9414728 W72.9375207  00567
Tp2-0   Mirador Torres (Torres lookout)        S50.9430843 W72.9484154  00906
Tp3-0   Albergue y Camping Chileno             S50.9570725 W72.9107420  00413
Tp3-1                                          S50.9996753 W72.9170942  00195
Tp3-2                                          S51.0102681 W72.9336583  00153
Tp3-3   Sendero Paso Los Cuernos (*)           S51.0221245 W72.9584306  00253
Tp3-4                                          S51.0247840 W72.9837198  00121
Tp3-5                                          S51.0246495 W73.0113556  00108
Tpc3    Campamento Italiano                    S51.0240235 W73.0415674  00228
Tp4-0                                          S51.0145793 W73.0485423  00277
Tp4-1                                          S51.0103694 W73.0519491  00378
Tp4-2   Valle del Frances (*)                  S50.9980111 W73.0526079  00553
Tp4-3                                          S50.9797468 W73.0457079  00969
Tp4-4   Basin lookout just above the camp      S50.9826748 W73.0548404  00770
Tpc4    Campamento Britanico                   S50.9868421 W73.0549353  00693
Tp5-0                                          S51.0297878 W73.0462303  00154
Tp5-1   Lago Skottsberg                        S51.0448946 W73.0690089  00107
Tp5-2   Lago Skottsberg                        S51.0550708 W73.0747017  00124
Tpc5    Camping Pehoe (NW end of lake)         S51.0706185 W73.0896153  00037
Tp6-0   Lago Los Partos                        S51.0617930 W73.1137802  00182
Tp6-1   Lago Los Partos                        S51.0592670 W73.1186721  00232
Tp6-2   Pass (*)                               S51.0482699 W73.1365141  00233
Tp6-3                                          S51.0268577 W73.1536719  00093
Tp6-4   Albergue y Camping Gray turnoff        S51.0093288 W73.1748289  00012
Tpc6    Campamento Las Guardas                 S50.9855406 W73.1830628  00299
Tp7-0                                          S50.9731864 W73.1911330  00477
Tp7-1   Glaciar Grey lookout near C-Paso(*)    S50.9588138 W73.1996380  00492
Tp8-0   Lago Pehoe lookout (*)                 S51.0812347 W73.0943749  00044
Tp8-1   Pampa Los Baguales (*)                 S51.0985039 W73.0901175  00064
Tp8-2   Rio Grey and Pampa Hermandad (*)       S51.1260267 W73.0641310  00058
Tp8-3                                          S51.1408124 W73.0523884  00049
Tpc8    Campamento Las Carretas                S51.1522563 W73.0421589
Tp9-0                                          S51.1707284 W73.0179193  00043
Tp9-1                                          S51.1769187 W72.9867837  00041
Tp9-2a  Administration                         S51.1784403 W72.9566251  00052
Tp9-3p  Refugio Pudeto                         S51.0610881 W72.9914891  00084
Tp9-4n  Lago Nordenskjold lookout              S51.0485257 W73.0132995  00127
Tp9-5s  Salto Grande                           S51.0675633 W73.0062587  00068
Tpc9    Camping Pehoe near Hotel Explora       S51.1081104 W72.9883757  00041

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