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Day 1: Into the Cathedral Valley<

My first destination was Cathedral Valley. It is a part of Capitol Reef National Park, yet quite different in experience from a central part of the park that most people visit. Cathedral Valley is accessed by a 57.6 mile long, dirt, loop road that, at least in places, would be quite hard to negotiate without a 4WD vehicle with a decent clearance. This keeps most people away, making for a bit more of a wilderness experience. There is no wireless signal, there are no services, and you may not meet another car for hours.

Hartnet Road

I started driving the Cathedral Valley loop clockwise, on a section known as Hartnet Road. Shortly after leaving the pavement, it requires fording a small river which my rental Dodge Durango took in stride. As with any car, over the course of next miles, I got to learn its off-pavement capabilities, and became comfortable that it will take me where I wanted to go...

Soon after passing the river, the road crosses a colorful section of badlands, known as Bentonite Hills, and then continues over a higher terrain, covered mostly by grassland and later by juniper/pinyon pine forests. There are lookouts into the South Desert to the left of the road. After 28 miles I reached my home for the night, the Cathedral Valley Campground, at roughly 7,000 ft in elevation. Only a couple of the six sites were occupied.


photo photo photo photo photo photo
Highway 24 Fording the Fremont River Go Durango SUV commercial Bentonite Hills Bentonite Hills
photo photo photo photo photo photo
Truck remains along Hartnet Road Bentonite pink road Driving Hartnet Road Driving Hartnet Road Flora in a sea of bentonite
South Desert Overlook

Sunset around the Cathedrals

After setting up my tent, I returned about a mile to take a look from the Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook. Later, I continued along the loop, down a series of rough switchbacks into the Cathedral Valley itself itself. The setting sun made for a magical atmosphere.


photo photo photo photo photo photo
Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook Cathedrals Cathedrals from the Overlook Upper Cathedral Valley
photo photo photo photo photo
Durango on Cathedral Road Shadows play Shadows play Dodge in Cathedral Valley Last light

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