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Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is located about 30 miles from Las Vegas, on the Nevada-Arizona border, in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. Its official web site by the Bureau of Reclamation, that operates the dam, offers more information than you may ever want to know about it, but a few facts never hurt - it is almost 730ft from the rock foundation to the crest and it contains as much concrete as it would take to build a monument 100 feet square and 2.5 miles high. It was built in five years (1931-1936) during the Great Depression by as many as 5200 men. It was not until 1961 that the power installation was completed and the plant can generate up to 2000 MW of electrical power. The dam gave rise to Lake Mead that covers some 247 square miles and is 110 miles long.


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Spillway and intake towers Dam shapes Dam crest Water power Powerplant Dam
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