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Canoeing down St. Croix River

It was around the 4th of July and Radka and I were getting mighty hot and bored in her little house. So we thought of a water adventure to cool us down. We arranged for a canoe rental and dropoff from Wild River Outfitters on an interesting section of St. Croix River (see also NPS web page for St. Croix - Natinal Scenic River).

We traveled some 32 river miles between Thayers Landing to Highway 70 near Grantsburg. The river is quite lazy until one gets to Nelsons Landing. We spotted a few deer along the banks and a bald eagle in the tree above the river, but our main concern were mosquitoes that would swarm around us every time we got close to the bank. We decided to camp on an island in the middle of rapids shortly after passing Nelsons Landing. And by some miracle of nature, there were no mosquitoes to be found there.

It was warm and humid all afternoon on the river and did not cool down much in the evening. Later at night, a slow moving thunderstorm approached. A light and sound show lasted for at least three hours, accompanied by downpours of rain. We huddled down in the tent thinking there are thousands of trees around us, so why the one close to our campsite should get hit.

I woke up all wet. At first I thought it was from perspiration - it was still that warm and humid. But in fact Radka's old tent leaked and even though it has been with us to many places, this may have been its last trip. We finished the trip amid more rain showers. Water adventure it was!


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Camping Slow section Radka and Karkula End of the road

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