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Bear Peak by night

This definitely has to be my favorite hike in the Boulder foothills. And you have to be a little bit crazy to do it at night. Bear Peak, at 8,461 ft, rises more than 3,000 feet above Boulder, and no matter which trailhead you use, you are bound for a workout. When during the day you are huffing and puffing up the steep Fern Canyon Trail, do not get distracted by people passing you as they run up. These are special folks endowed with close-to-superhuman abilities and determination. A few too many have seemed to converged on Boulder, probably because of its enjoyable climate and altitude. However, one does not have to run to enjoy this trail, quite to the contrary, the scenery is abundant and the views of Boulder and the surrounding planes unmatched.

Back to my hike. I did it alone under the full moon, that was occasionally hiding behind thin clouds. A headlamp turned out to be a very good idea as the trail winds its way through woods and over rocks most of the way. For that reason a walking staff, or better, a pair of trekking poles, is also a recommended accessory. On the way up, while setting up to take a photograph, I was passed by a couple other guys, so who knows, you may even have company. The view from the top is worth the effort as you can see lights stretching in every eastward direction forever, one day probably all the way to Kansas. But would you like to live here then?

As to the photos, well, it was dark, so what can you expect... I have many daylight photos of Bear Peak which I will publish at a later time. They are some of my most favorite photos of all time, so please come back, I think they are worth it.


photo photo photo photo
Moon rise Boulder under full moon Lights of the city Moonllight silhuettes

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