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Homer is a small town on Kachemak Bay at the end of Sterling Highway, which branches off Seward Highway. In summer, its main attraction is Homer Spit, a 5 mile long sand bar, that is home to a local fishing industry and numerous restaurants. Even though Homer's climate is very moderate for Alaska, beaches of the Homer Spit are not likely tempt many people to swim, but one can enjoy a stroll while collecting clams and shells. Salty Dawg Saloon is a great place to have a beer, while admiring its impressive collection of life preservers, business cards, one dollar bills, etc, hanging on the walls. Add yours if you want. It is possible to camp next to the beach. Our tent was almost blown off by the wind as the weather would not cooperate for much of our visit to Kenai Peninsula.

A halibut is a popular catch in Kachemak Bay. The largest ones may weigh in at several hundred pounds and they hold a derby in Homer for the largest catch. The halibut is highly specialized for its life style. Spending much of its life at the bottom of the sea, their bodies flatten and one of their eyes move to the other side, so it has both eyes on the "top of its body".


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Telling sign A formerly Russian orthodox church in Ninilchik Sea Nymph Fisherman about to clean another fish Small boat harbor in Homer Amateurs
photo photo photo photo photo photo
Small boat harbor in Homer Watching the carcasses Fight Fight Fisherman Small boat harbor in Homer
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Line in front of the restroom Salty Dawg Saloon Salty Dawg Saloon Salty Dawg Saloon Homer Spit and Kachemak Bay Pier remains
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Pier remains Wind Seafood Restaurant Buoys Windy morning

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