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Shiprock is a prominent mountain rising over 1,500 ft abruptly from a mostly flat landscape of the northwest corner of New Mexico. It is hard to ignore its call as it can be seen from large distances around, which is how I found it on my first road trip in the West 20 year earlier. It is easy to identify even when flying over on Albuquerque bound planes from the Bay Area. Given its stark prominence and beauty, it is no wonder it is a place of religious significance to the Navajo who inhabit the area and whose land it is on to this day.

We were all alone until we saw a stud of horses streaking across the prairie. A romantic image of wild horses in a pristene landscape was quickly shattered by a rancher following them on his ATV. It was still a powerful scene illustrating the vast and wild nature of this place.


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UFO in New Mexico Beer-scape Formerly molten pinnacles BW pinnacles Ridges to the south Shiprock
photo photo photo photo photo photo
Shiprock in BW Jagged line in emptiness Shadows and Shiprock Irina Horses
photo photo
Shiprock and horses

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